About Triple 8 Poker

Triple 8 is one of the best online poker sites available online. The triple 8 poker website not only offers various types of poker games for online players such as Texas Holdem and Omaha hi/lo, but it also offers significant bonuses and weekly poker tournaments aimed at encouraging players to continue with their website, giving their dedicated players more opportunities to win bigger jackpots and other prizes.

Why Triple 8 Poker

Triple 8 poker is one of the most interactive versions of online poker. When playing with Triple 8, you have the opportunity to either download a fully interactive version of their poker software to your computer or to play with a less involved version directly from the website. The graphics are more engaging on the downloaded version and offer players a real authentic poker playing experience. Triple eight poker also offers new players a one hundred percent match on their first deposit of up to four hundred dollars. This bonus deposit becomes available to players when they earn enough points with the website in order to access it, meaning that a certain number of poker hands must be played online before the deposit is moved into your active account. The website offers features different tournaments which occur frequently throughout the week giving players the chance to partake in more games, and win larger jackpots. Continuing poker players are further offered different incentives for their consistent play and loyalty to triple 8 such as the opportunity to win prizes not available to new or sporadic players including large cash prizes, signed memorabilia and entry to exclusive tournaments and qualifiers, like the 2009 Poker Ashes. Triple 8 poker also helps players improve and understand the game on a higher level with informative pages regarding poker tips and texas holdem strategy.

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Triple 8 Poker, Not Only Poker

Triple 8 is not only a place for you to play texas holdem and regular poker, it is also a fantastic online site for playing gambling games, trying your luck at bingo and placing a few bets. The website offers new players a deposit match incentive, matching new players’ first deposits up to two hundred dollars. Bingo players can find online fun and entertainment here too by engaging with other players or even playing against the computer system in fun and exciting online bingo tournaments. The sport software is also very interactive and features at least one sport for everyone. Even politics can be bet on. All triple 8 sites have readily available 24 hour assistance with their friendly customer support. Try out all their features today.

Triple 8 Poker = 888Poker

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Every day is a lucky day at triple 8 poker!

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