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When Should You Use Your Gut Feeling?

When Should You Use Your Gut Feeling in Poker?

A common question many new online poker players have is “when should you use your gut feeling while playing online poker? Well, there is no concrete answer to that question, but if you use the following guidelines when playing Texas Hold’em and Omaha hi poker online, you will be able to decide for yourself when the best times are to go with your gut!

When your poker strategy is not applicable

Sometimes, you will come across a hand where your poker strategy cannot help you. While a profitable poker strategy is a great tool, there are times when it will let you down. When this is the case, you should just go with your gut and try to make the best out of the situation!

When you are playing at a table with a unique table dynamic

Sometimes you sit down at a poker table that is like nothing you have seen before. When you are playing with players who are totally different than anything you have ever seen before, you will have to use your gut feeling. Generally, you will want to avoid poker tables like this, but if you get stuck, just go with your gut!

When you want to try something different

Sometimes, it is a good idea to just change things up once in a while and try a few different tactics. When this is the case, it is a great idea to play for a while using just your gut feeling. If you have a basic understanding of online poker, it shouldn’t be too difficult to stay profitable when using your gut feeling to make decisions!

The more experience you have and the more poker hands you have under your belt, the easier it will be for you to determine when to go with your gut feeling! Believe it or not, there are quite a few specific times when your poker strategy will be useless and you will need to rely on your gut feeling to make a decision. The best way to optimize the effectiveness of your gut feeling is to practice as much as possible. Login to your favorite online poker room or one of the other poker sites you frequently play at and practice at the play money tables. When your poker strategy and poker tips fail you, you have to fall back on your gut feeling!

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