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What Are Pot Odds and How Do They Affect You in Your Poker Games?

There are a lot of poker tips all over the web these days and it seems like every other player is studying to become the next big poker champ for Omaha Hi or Texas Holdem poker, but if you are hoping for a shot at the glory yourself then you really do owe it to yourself to study a real poker strategy that can help you not only win more, but manage your bankroll better. Those who do not know about pot odds are working at a disadvantage because this subtle little ratio can make a huge difference in your success not only at the table, but in a poker career in general. Once you unlock the magic that is the pot odds formula, it will be far easier for you to achieve success in the poker games you play. That said, you should never neglect to learn other important aspects of the game like the poker rules and all the values of the poker hands because these are a basic part of mastering the art of poker. However, pot odds are key if you want to really pull down winnings on a more consistent basis. As you will see, they are quite easy to learn, as well.

To start with, we want to discover what this mysterious pot odds figure is. To be brief, it is essentially a ratio between the cost of a call you are about to make during a poker game and the size of the pot at that given point in time. This will give you what is sometimes referred to as the 'expected value' of your call. To be more specific, if you have a pot of $100 and it costs you $15 dollars to call, then you can use these figures to determine your pot odds and thus, the expected value of the call if you end up choosing to make it.

To figure that ratio out, the first thing you need to do is add the cost of the call itself to the total value of the pot. In this instance, you get $115 and then you will divide the cost of the call by this new figure. So, that means you may need a calculator in this instance to divide $15 by $115 to get your ratio. The division shows that this call has a 13% chance of winning. To find the expected value, you'll compare this 13% pot odds with the odds of drawing the card you'd need in order to build a winning poker hand with the cards you hold. If you have better than 13% odds of drawing the card you need then you have a positive expected value - which is what you want.

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