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Poker strategy alert: tips for building and preserving your bankroll

One of the most important skills a serious poker player can learn is how to preserve their poker bankroll. It doesn’t matter if you are playing Omaha Hi, Texas Hold’em, or any other form of poker online – if you can’t preserve and build your bankroll, you will not progress towards your goals and you will lose a lot of money. Luckily, it is not that difficult to preserve your bankroll. If you stand by the following guidelines, you will not have any trouble with your bankroll.

Factors to take in mind in your next poker game

The most important part of preserving your online poker bankroll is: don't play poker games with stakes you cannot afford. Even if you think you can beat higher levels, don’t play them unless you can afford it. If you think you can beat the 50NL game, you should have no trouble at all building your bankroll at 25NL. If you get a bad run of cards at a level you can’t afford, you can clear out your whole bankroll within a few hands. This is something you should avoid.

The other important factor to consider when preserving your online poker bankroll is to play poker games or online poker tournaments where you know you will be profitable. You may think you are making money, but are you 100% sure you are profitable at the game you are playing? If you are not tracking your play and keeping stats, you won’t know for sure. Players who possess smart bankroll management tactics know exactly which games they make the most money at, and they focus on playing those games. Your most profitable game may be full ring poker online, 6-max, sit-n-gos or even special poker tournaments or poker events. Just do yourself a favour – find your most profitable game and stick to it. Your bankroll will thank you.

As long as you don’t play at stakes you can’t afford and play games you know you are profitable at, your bankroll will consistently grow and you will never fear going bust. They sound simple enough, but too many online poker players don’t observe them and have trouble managing their money.

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