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Everything you need to know about sports betting with Betting on your favourite sports couldn't be easier or more enjoyable. Here's how...

What sports can I bet on?
You can bet on almost anything. Gone are the days when horse racing and football dominated the market. They remain the big two, but golf, tennis, cricket, rugby and NFL are increasingly popular. (You can also bet on tv events like Big Brother or X Factor).

How can I pay?
Before you start betting online you have to set up an account. Depositing is safe and simple. 888sport offers a huge range of secure and convenient methods to choose from.

What is fixed-odds betting?
This is the most common type of betting and the one you'll find at The basic principle is that you can place a bet on something happening at a fixed price. You are paid out if you are proved correct in relation to the stake you placed.

So how does it work?
For example, let's say you want to have a bet on England beating France in an international football match. will set a price for England - 2/1 for example. Then it's up to you to decide how much money you want to put on. This is your stake. You decide to have £20. If England fails to win, then you lose your stake. But if England wins, you pick up £20 x 2/1 = £40. And, of course, you also get your stake money back as well. In addition to fractional odds, you can choose to view and bet using decimal odds in which the odds are expressed as a decimal figure and include your stake being returned. (So the 2/1 about England beating France would be expressed as 3.0. You would place £20 on at 3.0 and receive the same £60 back.)

What if the price changes?
If the price on your bet changes after you've placed your bet, it makes no difference - the original price will be used to calculate your winnings. To learn about price changes or what happens in the event of a non-runner in horse racing go to

What is each-way betting?
Each-way betting is an insurance against your team, horse - whatever you are betting on - finishing near the top of the field rather than simply winning. (The number of places that are paid are dependent on the type of event and number of runners.) It is effectively a two-way bet. You have half your stake on at the win price, and half at a fraction of the win price. If your selection wins, you get paid out on both bets. If your selection finishes within the places that earn you an each-way pay out, you get a return.

How many teams or players earn a pay out with each-way betting?
This varies. In horse racing it differs markedly, but in most long-term markets such as the Premier League, it tends to be the top two or three. In others such as Wimbledon it is generally the two players who make the final, or even the four who make the semi-finals.

What is multiple betting?
Multiple betting is when you add together two or more selections in the same bet. You'd do this when you fancy strongly more than one selection to win. Two selections are known as a double, three selections, a treble and four or more selections are known as an accumulator. A number of multiple bets are known by different names with Trixie, Patent, Lucky 15, Heinz and Goliaths all on offer. All have different numbers of bets and selections For full explanations visit

So how are payouts calculated on multiple bets?
If you back Serena Williams at 2/1 and Ana Ivanovic at 3/1 in separate tennis matches in a double for £20. You stake £20 on Williams to win. If she wins your 'returns' are £60 (£20 multiplied by 2/1, plus your stake). This £60 is then additionally placed on Ivanovic to win. Should she win at 3/1, your returns are £240 (£60 stake multiplie by 3/1 plus your £60 stake returned). Multiple bets are calculated like this no matter how many selections you have.

Betting In Running
Missed the start of an event? will still let you bet using our In Running betting service. Anything from Premier League, European and International football, tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, snooker, darts and U.S. sports. See our up-to-date live betting diary at

Other bet types offers a wide range of special betting types including Handicap best (where one of the teams gets a head start making prices much more attractive) and the ever popular Asian Handicap lines.

And finally...
Now that you know all you need to about betting at 888sport get involved and be part of the passion. Join us at 888sport and enjoy the game even more.

Big events worth a flutter on this year

  • Grand National meeting 3-5 April Whether you are having £2 each-way or a once-a-year monster punt, this is the only race in Britain that can claim to stop the nation.
  • 888world snooker championships 19 april-5 May Can the UK's John Higgins repeat his extraordinary victory from last year?
  • Euro 2008 7-29 June £300m was wagered on Euro 2004. Even without a Brit representative this year it won't stop this being the biggest betting event of the year.
  • Wimbledon 23 June-6 July With Andy Murray, interest in tennis is at an all-time high. Last year's betting turnover topped a whopping £75m.
  • Beijing Olympics 8-24 August The layers are keen and they're set to offer a dazzling array of markets for the casual and experienced better alike.