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How to become a professional online poker player?


However the path to playing poker for a living is easier than what you think and poker affords you this opportunity more than nearly any other game or sport that I can imagine. If you looked at other sports like football, cricket, boxing to name but a few then having this as a career would be very difficult. To earn your living then not only would you have to be professional but you would be playing against other professionals on a constant basis.

To make a living from poker then this simply does not have to be the case. In fact you can remain totally anonymous and be a professional poker player. You can also make a living from players who are really not that good when it comes to playing poker. In sports like football and cricket and any other sport that you could care to mention then life isn’t quite so simple. In sports like boxing and tennis for example then you are going head to head in matches with other professionals who are all very serious about their own games and practice and train every bit as much as what you do.

There are no soft games and soft opponents. This means that to reach the pro status in these sports then you need to be far better than in other games like poker. The trade off of course is that for the few then there can be immense financial incentives and riches. In poker then the situation is different, you are very unlikely to make millions from the game but it is far easier to play the game for a living. If you only made $100,000/year from playing tennis then you wouldn’t be ranked very highly. To get to be higher than what your current status would be would in fact mean that you needed to start playing and beating players of a very high calibre.

In poker then this is also the case although it still remains a fact that getting to first base in poker is far simpler than it is in other sports and games. In games like chess for example then to make $100k/year from this game would require you to be one of the very best in the world and so playing that game for a living is far tougher and in many cases impossible. Likewise with other games and sports where in order to qualify for the higher ranking events, you need to have collected enough world ranking points which ultimately requires travelling considerable distances playing in a wide variety of tournaments and doing well in them.

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