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Stud 8 Poker Game While Stud 8 poker is not a new form of poker online by any means, most people who play poker online are just starting to become aware of this game. Most people just stick to online Texas Holdem and Omaha hi and cringe when someone mentions any other form of poker, but that is a huge mistake! The level of profit that you can make playing these less common forms of poker online is incredible! Learn to play Stud 8 poker and see the potential for increased profits!

First, each player is dealt 3 cards – 2 face down and one face up. The player with the lowest face up card pays a forced bet – a "bring in". After this player has placed this bet, play goes around the table, with each player matching the bet or raising.

Once all the action is complete, everybody is dealt another face up card – the "fourth street". For this round and all subsequent rounds, the player with the highest exposed cards will be the first to act and place their bets.

A fifth and sixth street are both dealt in the exact same way as the fourth street, with a round of betting after each.

At this point in the poker hand, each player should have 6 cards. After all the betting is done after the sixth street, every player still in the hand is dealt one more face down card, the seventh street. A final round of betting occurs.

After all the betting is done, the hands are revealed. If there is a low qualifying hand (a 5 card hand with its highest card being 8 or lower), the pot is split 50/50 between the high winner and the low winner. If there is no qualifying low hand, the high winner wins 100% of the jackpot.

Stud 8 poker is not a difficult game to master. While it requires a few different tactics to be successful in online poker tournaments and other poker events than Texas Holdem or Omaha hi do, a little practice, a solid poker strategy and a few helpful poker tips are all you need to make big money. There is a good chance that the poker room your currently play at offers Stud 8 poker, but if they don’t, there are many other online poker sites that offer this game to play. Don’t be afraid – give it a try. It is a lot more fun than it looks like!