The Australian Poker League (APL)

The Australian Poker League

australian poker leagueThe Australian Poker League (APL) is a free gaming poker league. It sports a massive base of some 600,000 members and the numbers are growing all the time. The APL – unlike its competition – is free to play. Since 2005, a whopping AUD$15,000,000 in cash and prizes has been won.
The goal of the APL is to make poker readily available to players everywhere. And with no need to wager any of their own money, poker players can enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

The money behind the APL comes courtesy of the venues hosting APL poker events. These include a range of hotels, pubs and clubs across New Zealand and Australia.

The main objectives of the APL

The APL caters to poker pros and novices alike. The Tournament Directors provide an interactive and didactic gaming environment.
The level of interaction amongst players is enhanced by a festive atmosphere and top-class poker gaming. While the APL is dependent on country or state laws, there are also buy-in games. Tournament Directors are best able to assist players in sourcing reliable data on these matters.
Points are awarded to tournament players depending on where they placed. First place receives 125 points, 2nd place receives 100 points, 3rd place receives 75 points, 4th place receives 50 points and 5th place receives 40 points. Promotional leaderboard points are accumulated at games where some 25 players participate for specific promotions such as the APL Poker Tour Satellite Tournaments and the Wild Turkey Leaderboard.

In 2007 the APL hosted a $1 million freeroll tourney. The very next year the APL followed suit with a world-record live free poker tournament.
There were over 1,000 players participating at the time. In 2009, the APL showcased 2 poker events with a combined prize pool of $1.2 million. The APL Poker Tour – the culmination of many years of hard work, got off to a flying start in 2010. Much more is in the works and players can expect top-tier poker gaming action with terrific cash prizes and giveaways.