888 Poker Ashes 2009

Catch The Poker Ashes on TV in Australia!

How did Shane Warne and the Australian team defeat the Brits in the 2009 Poker Ashes? How did Warney and Gough fare during those tough hands? Did they lead their teams with gallantry, or crumble under the pressure. Who won the friendly team bet between Warney and Gough? All the answers and much more will be answered in the TV series of the Poker Ashes.

Warne Ashes

Watch the Poker Ashes series weekly on channel 9 every Wednesday night after the Late News!

Airing starts September 30th - Don't miss it!

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Poker Ashes Table

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Poker Ashes – What and Who

Poker Ashes is an Australian poker tournament which takes the best Cricket players in both England and Australia, pairing them with two of the most skillful online poker players. The poker ashes are a chance to bridge the supporters of both countries, and to give the fans a chance to become part of the friendly competition. The teams play one on one hands against each other, with each game counting as one point. In the end, the team that has obtained the most points chooses the charity recipient of the tournament funds. This year’s annual Poker Ashes tournament promises to be the most exciting yet. Superstar Shane Warne will serve as captain for the Australian team, joined by two online poker qualifiers – this could very easily be you. Imagine yourself playing poker alongside the cricket greats of today.

Warne Vs Gough

888 Poker wants two of its players to partake firsthand in this tournament. Becoming part of the Poker Ashes Australia team is free and fun. It’s as simple as taking part in 888 poker daily ashes Freerolls by clicking here. The top 5 Freeroll players gain entry to a weekly semi final poker tournament. Out of those five, three victorious players continue onto the grand final game. The emerging victor becomes a part of the Australian 2009 Poker ashes team playing alongside Shane Warne and 3 other professional Australian Cricketers.

The 2009 Poker Ashes

The Ashes, for those who follow it, is one of the most highly anticipated events in both the poker and cricket worlds. Not only is it an ideal opportunity to see your favorite Cricketers play poker, but it is also a tournament which benefits a charity organization that is near and dear to the winning team, making the event a real personal experience for the players. This annual event has taken place over the last several years with its origins in 2002. The 888 Poker Ashes games are all heads up, no limit, texas holdem matches that are played one on one between the two teams, until the final game. In the final, the two remaining players go head to head in a high stakes battle for the crown of the 2009 Poker Ashes. The Ashes demonstrates both teamwork and good sportsman ship as participants follow and cheer on not only their team mates but also their opponents. Shane Warne has proudly been a part of it since its inception in 2002, watching it grow from year to year.

Get in on the Poker Ashes Action

For anyone wishing to catch all of the exciting action of the 2009 Poker Ashes tournament, the games will be filmed and broadcast in their entirety on your local Fox Sports Channel, Channel 9 in Australia as well as on Skye Sports Channel in the United Kingdom. Make sure that you check your local listings and magazines or online for the specific times and dates.

Aussie Ashes Team

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